JAYEONTEO, Agricultural Corporation aiming at a new paradigm for agri-food industry

JAYEONTEO CO., LTD., agricultural corporation is Korea’s representative agri-food company coming the sixth industry (agricultural convergence industry) true, based on secured business infrastructures such as production, manufacturing/ processing, distribution / export, services and experience-based learning activities designed to strengthen competitiveness of agri-food industry.

We achieved successful performance with color cherry tomatoes, our key products, by not only satisfying the domestic market but also exporting them, based on our unique cultivation technology obtained through years of efforts. Based on this, we enforce production and processing and provide local food markets and farm restaurants for regional agricultural families and coexistence as well as all lines of agriculture-related services such as farming experience activities for the general public and training programs for those who wish to start agricultural businesses or return to the farming area.

The outstanding quality competitiveness of merchandises produced / manufactured and processed in JAYEONTEO CO., LTD is highly recognized not only in the domestic markets but also in overseas markets. Our differentiated operation and recipe contribute to increasing the quality of food service providing superlative satisfaction, while training programs and experience services based on abundant contents provide optimal understanding of agriculture even for the beginners.

For many years, we have been constantly experienced /seen and felt overseas advanced agriculture and we have been making an effort to bring the learning and experience to our country, dreaming of a new vision of agricultural abundance while reflecting on the reality of our farming. Now we are preparing for a new start of quantum leap aiming at transforming into a company leading in our country’s agriculture.

To be a true leader in raising the values of agriculture and satisfying corporation, staff members and customers as a team, we will keep doing our best to lead in domestic agri-food industry and grow into a global company.