Agricultural Convergence Industry


What is Agricultural Convergence Industry (The Sixth Industry)?

It refers to activities boosting revitalization of local economy by creating new added values and local jobs through convergence between the secondary industry of manufacturing and processing based on tangible and intangible resources of the rural area and the tertiary industry of services based on experience-based activities and tourism.

Internal factors

Need of income sources (jobs) for small and medium farmers and aged farmers
Need of recovery of community spirit of farming areas

External factors

Increased interest in pluralistic functions of agriculture
Raised demand of safe agricultural food
Convergence between technology (IT, BT, NT) and agriculture

Why the Sixth Industry then?


Can sell agricultural products and promote management stabilization by creating added values through the secondary and tertiary industries.


Can be provided with values of farming and rural areas through reliable food directly cultivated by farmers and enjoyable activities full of taste and charm of our country’s rural areas.

Rural areas

Can create jobs and promote new vitality through economic revitalization.