Agricultural education


Agriculture is an essential field, the base of all industries.

However, in terms of economy, our country’s agriculture is still far from considered a high-value industry when comparing to other business areas such as manufacturing industry and service industry. Our life has made great progress through development of cutting-edge science and technology, but agricultural realm is still behind in progress speed having relatively low added values. This fails to attract attention of many people.

Nonetheless, light of hope arises to revitalize our country’s farming because, lately, there are many active efforts to increase spontaneous growth of our agriculture and economic added values.

Since advanced agriculture methods such as Smart Farms and aquaponics are introduced and diversified support systems at the national level are adopted for evolution into various industrial sectors, people wishing for returning to farming and agricultural areas are steadily on the rise.

Considering this, we intend to participate in this spirit of revitalization of our country’s agriculture in quality of pure farmers in the center of our country’s agriculture, by providing everyone who is interested in knowing and learning agriculture with all necessary information regarding theories and current situations based on field study and not theory-based lectures. We will do our best to plant self-confidence and hope of all to make their dream as successful farmers come true through our elaborate programs analyzing the reality with precision, aiming at the future based on this and helping understanding and accessible empathy.

Key themes of program

1. The Sixth Industry (Agricultural Convergence Industry)
2. Evolution of agriculture into an Industry
3. Guide to return to farming life and agricultural areas &| Start-up agriculture