Hands-on farming experience

farming experience


Experience Smart Farm and dream of the future of our agriculture!

In our Smart Farm covering about 5,000m², visitors can not only learn the cultivation process of agricultural products including four-season cherry tomatoes and agricultural techniques but also have hands-on farming activities. We provide visitors of all ages with inspiring experiences to improve understanding of our country’s agricultural products and awaken true vales of sweats by working from the soil by way of hands-on activities of vegetable garden, aquaponics and Smart Farm.

Guide to hands-on farming activities

Soil-based cultivation

It is a traditional cultivation method of planting and cultivating plants on the soil.
You can learn how to make natural fertilizer and natural agricultural pesticides and observe growth process of tomatoes.


It is a method of growing plants in water without soil. You can have the special harvest experience of big-leaf vegetables and herbs grown based on the deep flow system, circulating system and spray-type aquaponics.


This new technique combined between Aquaculture and Hydroponics refers to a cyclic environment-friendly agricultural method of hydroponics depending on organic matters from fish raising. In other words, fish excretion goes through microbiological degradation to become nutrients for the plants in the water tank, and the clean water left after the plants absorbed nitrogen return to water tank.
Aquaponics is a system based on constant water circulation through the pipes connecting fish water tank with racks of plants. In general, when fish excretion increases in fish farms, it works as toxins. Therefore, it is important to change water with frequency. However, there is no need of changing water in the aquaponics system.
It is an environment-friendly agricultural method in the sense that it is free from fertilizers and agricultural pesticides and almost no resources are discarded. Moreover, the advantage of this method can be found from the fact that this requires little attention except feeding fish or seeding for hydroponics reducing labor capacity. This method demands only a tenth of water compared to conventional farms and is constantly on the rise for it is recognized as an environment-friendly agricultural method.

Exploring the world of insects

Insects, a part of agriculture, constitute industrial insects, natural enemy insects and insects as pets.
You can meet all different types of insects such as crickets, mealworms, beetles, stag beetles and snails as well as reptiles in one place and examine a variety of natural enemy insects under the microscope.

Recyclable mini vegetable garden

Choose one of the plants in the vegetable garden and transplant it to the recyclable pot made of PET bottles. Thus, you will have an enjoyable time in the sand playground.
(You can bring the plant pot with you after the hands-on activity).

Mini Zoo

You will feel the preciousness of life creating empathy with animals while feeding rabbits, hens and goats with the harvested fodders.