Manufacturing & Processing


Dreaming of inroad into the global market based on new technology…

We started manufacturing dried fruits to promote excellence of our country’s fruits along with rainbow cherry tomatoes, and cutting-edge processing technology based on near-infrared ray method far from the conventional drying one contributed to successful differentiation from other products. This NIR method is the closest way of natural drying among all drying methods developed so far and this advantage guarantees the near maintenance of intrinsic flavor and taste of fruits providing the natural texture and aroma.

This NIR drying method excels in productivity compared to the conventional ones for it is almost free from heat loss. This allows production of dried fruits in a short period leading to inroad into the global market based on exceptional quality and price competitiveness.

Tomato Ramen

Tomato Ramen, the typical product of JAYEONTEO CO., LTD. along with dried fruits, is characterized by its combination between tomato sauce and unfried noodle.

It is health Ramen focused on flavor and nutrition mixed with the sauce based on recipe developed by a professional chef that makes the best of flavor of tomato with which many are familiar embracing rich nutritional components of tomato.