Color cherry tomatoes


Color cherry tomatoes

Color cherry tomatoes are known as typical super food and color food (red).

Cherry tomatoes produced by JAYEONTEO CO., LTD. are composed of five-color tomatoes: red, green like spinaches, blackish like eggplants, yellow and orange. For this reason, our cherry tomatoes are called “color cherry tomatoes.”

According to research results, tomatoes are known to be heath food for they are rich in lycopene, the typical component of phytochemical substances, which are considered the seventh nutrient as well as many Vitamins and minerals. In particular, lycopene with its antioxidant properties is effective in preventing cancer or high blood pressure.

Moreover, when heating and cooking, lycopene is reported to increase by five times, and the effects rise for the absorbing ability improves when it is accompanied by oil substance.

All about color cherry tomatoes of JAYEONTEO


Red cherry tomatoes were first cultivated in Latin America such as Peru and Chile. Red ones have balanced sour and sweet flavors and they are effective in preventing heart disease for having abundant lycopene, the antioxidant material.


Green cherry tomatoes were first cultivated in Israel and the texture feels a bit chewy with strong acid flavor. Plenty of Vitamin C and chlorophyll in the green cherry tomatoes are known to have anti-cancer effects.


Yellow cherry tomatoes were first cultivated in the Netherlands. They feel soft and taste highly sweet. Rich beta-carotene in the tomatoes has remarkable skin care properties.


Orange cherry tomatoes, like yellow ones, abound in beta-carotene and have extraordinary skin care effects. Despite less lycopene quantity than red ones, their absorption rate in the body is higher.


Black cherry tomatoes were first cultivated in Israel, The texture feels crispy and a bit sour. Copious anthocyanin and minerals help prevent aging and constipation.