Dried fruits


SLIMORE, unanimous recognition from the entire world…

Our dried fruits submitted to Tokyo FOODEX in March of 2018 for the first time stood out as completely differentiated products different from the existing ones, and received great interest and favorable reviews from global buyers. This was possible because we successfully recreated the original flavor, texture and taste of fresh fruits in the faultless manner without any food additives, based on our incomparable and innovative dehydration method.

We do recommend our dried fruits, natural food, if you concern on health, regardless of age. We are glad to invite you to the world of SLIMORE, which has been already recognized at the global level.

How are dried fruit chips made?

Differentiated dehydration method


NEAR-INFRARED RAY refers to the infrared ray with the shortest wavelength, which is located in the exterior area from the red spectrum when dispersing the light emitted from the sunlight or heating element. Since NIR has stronger heating effects than visible ray or ultraviolet ray does, it is mostly used for industrial and medical purposes. We started to adopt this for food dehydration in consideration of such advantages of NIR.

Introduction of this drying machine not only brought innovation to productivity but also contributed to supplementing the biggest weakness of the conventional food dehydration methods of hot air drying or freeze-drying. These two methods are based on the indirect drying system raising or reducing the air temperature but they easily transform the intrinsic properties of raw materials deteriorating texture and taste far from the original ones. On the contrary, our NIR-based drying method thoroughly complemented this drawback by using the principle of direct drying by way of penetrating wavelength through the material itself.