Production & Cultivation


Dreaming of Korea’s Tomato World…

Our production farm is located in Gwansan’dong, Goyang of Gyeonggido. The greenhouse facilities of about 4,000 m² equipped with the latest ICT based on smart farm technology have yearly production capacity of nearly 1,0000 tons. Our unique color cherry tomatoes produced in the facilities are mostly supplied to domestic consumer markets (hypermarkets, online markets) and exported abroad in part.

Moreover, to provide the best-quality cherry tomatoes, we are carrying out test cultivation for development of new varieties all year round.

JAYEONTEO CO., LTD. made it possible to produce and supply all through the year by instructing and distributing cultivation technology through organizing producing areas of farm families specialized in tomatoes along 60 sites across the country (covering about 20 ha of cultivation area of greenhouse facilities and glasshouses) with the purpose of providing as many customers as possible with color cherry tomatoes.

Furthermore, we aim to let the entire world know of excellence of our rainbow cherry tomatoes by building export-focused production complexes and processing complexes covering about 240,000 m² throughout the country by 2015.