Cherry tomatoes


Cherry tomatoes produced in JAYEONTEO CO., LTD. Agricultural Corporation are…

the very product of our passion and efforts through a series of failure until we finally made success in domestic production, and they were known to be originally produced in overseas countries, like Europe.

We are producing five-color cherry tomatoes all year round, as the one and only company specialized in this in our country leading in successful performance. At present, they are available at any brand hypermarkets throughout the country for we proudly grew into a company specialized in color cherry tomatoes based on productivity in large quantity.

How are color cherry tomatoes produced then?


Information and Communication Technology

We have a company-owned farm of Goyang City, with successfully completed test cultivation, as well as more than 60 member farms across the country equipped with greenhouse facilities and glasshouses optimized for cultivation of cherry tomatoes. The optimal growth conditions (temperature, humidity) secured after numerous trial and error transformed into a data=based system with application of ICT. The scientific and systematic cultivation method based on this brought about the improved results in both productivity and quality of cherry tomatoes.